Dian Pelangi's

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Syalala lala lalalala  I'm happy :D girl, last week my fams has vacation in here bandung. really happy to meet my fams where long time no see you. before going to trans stud, we will go to the dian pelangi's boutiqe . she is moslem fashion designer :) I wear skirts product by Dian pelangi , i think her product so unique and colorfull. after that, we are staying in Dian pelangi's boutiqe. WOW, you know what mom reaction after? HAHA! so sorry dad and thanks dad :p

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  1. hahaha,,,ini nih cewe berjilbab di kampus yg cantik,tiap nglewatin kamu bikin deg deg an hahaha