Kawah Putih

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First of all, I wanna screammmmm!! Weeehooo! My exams for semester three is over! Finalehhh I can long time for holidaaaaay!

So on the first day of my freedom I decided to spend it with my friends, yeah in here me and friends (Riznan Yunus as the vice-president of HIMATEK campus 2011, Rita H, Ahmad YasirCecilia NataliaMaul Izaki as the president of HIMATEK campus 2011) going to "Kawah Putih(Bandung)" place film from My Heart syut who played by Acha Septriasa and Irwansyah. so beautifull and very very cool. The weather was so bad disturb taking photos :( thanks for Riznan as a photographer and so sorry no photo shoot for photographer hehe! but its all seemed so wonderful because we can be together :D Although we will not be a class again, but you still in my heart forever. Thanks very much!

Till later you guys! HAHA! :D

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  1. niceee...

    kok klo di kamu fotonya lebih bagus...
    wahh master editing nih.,
    kyknya sya harus berguru ma nabila nihh :D

    ajarin yaaakk :P

  2. I like the first picture :) and it looks really cold out there, just like here in my working place if you go out without gloves, nah your hands will freeze.
    thanx for droppin' by my blog. I just followed you.
    Xo, Hijabcraze.blogspot.com

  3. @riznan : hahaha boleh2 , km fotografer , aku editor nya ajah :D bisa lah km juga ajarin ak moto . hunting2 yah besok kalo udah balik bandung , insyaallah bawah kamera

    @norhajjar : thanks dear :) ya,this place very very cool until my nose is red HA!

    1. amin.,.moga" bawa kamera.,., hehhe..

  4. kasian banget ya riznan #pukpukinan hahahaaa

  5. @funny : iya kacian inan hehe , maaf ya nan . besok ak fotoin deh , tp jangan marah2 kalo jelek -_-