Soft pink

Saturday, December 17, 2011

         Alhamdulillah, I'm finishing design this long skirt with soft pink color, my favorite color ladies! you looked of as feminine and is associated with baby girls. The color pink is rarely found in mens clothing and will go in and out of style for men, really ladies ? Pink is thought to be a romantic color. When using pink most people will associate it with romance and women. The color pink will also look great if used together with other shades of pink.

Alhamdulillah many who like it , my design! :)

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  1. its designed by yourself??? whoo, great :)

  2. hey dude (lol)
    remember me? I bet not,, :D
    Im April, your friend in Junior HS.Im Arin Farikha's friend also.
    Umm yea, did u made those outfit by yourselv?
    and WOW!! you've changed, with ju hijab and so am I.
    Im interest to follow ju Blog, coz its nice. I like it,,

  3. wahahaha I know, april in class 3B ? right ? miss you so , long time no see :(
    yuhuuu this long skirt design by myself dear . thanks your praise :) follow my blog dear

  4. yes, I did. WOW, nice long dress bil. :D
    made of what material, I mean the name of fabric.
    Do you still live in the same place on SMG?
    BTW, you'r rarely go Online wth ju FB..
    whats goin' on?

  5. wah bgus blognya tapi jarang update ya orangya juga cantik follow back mytwitter ia please

  6. wow! itu bikin sendiri? bagusssss... you look so pretty in this ensemble! :)

  7. waaa kereen :) coba aja dijual , aku mau tuh roknya . wrna nya cantik :)