Jacket Jeans

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yo yo yo!! Check out my blue jacket jeans hehehe...i loooove the baby blue accents injected in the stitches
so much fun! :)

I do admit that jeans is a must-have item, however finding the perfect fitting jeans its not an easy case. Given this, the only moments I decide to wear a jacket of jeans with black skirt that design by me hehehehe :D

Pashmina | by Dian pelangi 
Long skirt | by Nabila 
Shoes | by donatello 
Bag | by bellagio

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  1. thank yoouu! - i got them from a little shop in Turkey :)

    beautiful combination! i like it :D is it a skirt or a dress??

    ~ ♥

    1. really ?
      thanks dear , this is a skirt not dress dear :)