Sunday, September 18, 2011

           Okay, the first i want say to you i'm so sorry because long time no post in my blog. yesterday, i'm started for my college and dispense something.
             Beauty white, Since white is the extreme end of the visual spectrum (in terms of both hue and shade), and since white objects - such as clouds, snow and flowers - appear often in nature, it has frequent symbolism. Human culture has many references to white, often related to purity and cleanness, whilst the high contrast between white and black is often used to represent opposite extremes. like that :D

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  1. lovely look! missing u dear.. :)
    hope u enjoy ur first few days in college!
    ohya, fan me at my lookbook: ichabeldarmawan, key? i ll b fanning back! thx


  2. adorable. loving ur top and beautiful scarf.

  3. icha : thanks and miss you so much too dear :)
    oke i'll fan in your lookbook :) fan back dear

    aiman : thanks dear :)

  4. beautiful, and also ur outfit too, simple and look suit on you.. :D