Monday, August 15, 2011

Ok, I don't know where to start
Or basically how to really focus. There are just too many thoughts stuck in my head and I have to get through it :( many thoughts  makes me sad. I think, maybe making this 78 star, I can relieved to relieve fatigue and makes me smile again :) Please keep hold my star, just for me. With that said, i will always love you :') keep make me always smiling my hero.

And yes,

Although the above story is so touching for me . but, i'm random update filled with photos, and... ramblings. I have always wanted to try green and yellow outfit(casual) look... yeah so I did! keep on smiling is really ?

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  1. my word.......this is drop dead casual gorgeous.

    I said so coz drop dead gorgeous is mostly used for formal attire. I want to totally steal the look, do u mind?

  2. i will replay in your blog dear ^^