Thursday, May 17, 2012

heyho blogger! 
so looooong time no post. I'm so sorry, been too busy with this college life. I hope you dont mind.  I hope I have time to make new blog entry at least once a week. more is better... I dont know why, the ideas suddenly came, and i just wanted to make photos. but never mind, that's life! take it easy, live and love the life! . I was too excited about this outfis. I adore the whole combination, bold, fun colors, so in love with black & white cardigan. it would be nice. i hope so :)

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  1. hye beautiful, long time no see you the outfits your wear..

    1. hehehe sory dear long time no see. now, i'm come back :D

  2. Salam...
    Gak bosan memandangi tiap halaman, keep posting!!!