Like a Day with you

Monday, March 19, 2012

There are no words except I feeling of happiness near you :)

Walking on a beach is awesome and is as hard as awesome! yeah, i like the beach. anytime i go to beach i feel like calm, relaxation and enjoy the sound of the water and the breeze.

When i am on the beach , ocean waves crashing in, all of the 'ego' goes away.   it's as if each inward tide grabs the ego inside me and pulls it, and each ebb tide takes it far away with each inward wave my inner self is cleansed. negativity disappears, suffering disappears, there is nothing but flat sand, wide sky, loud water and a huge heaven of stars with each of them lighting up my soul like a purifying fire

Thanks Allah SWT,

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  1. lucu outerwear-nya, cantik as always! :)

  2. aku juga suka pantai, nabila :)
    *toooss (~˘▾˘)/\(˘▾˘~)

    1. sama dong tessaaaa :D bandung ngk ada pantai :( jauh sama pantai

  3. nabila, aku udah follow blog kmu ^^d
    umm,, iya, kalo dari sini mau ke pantai emg jauh banget T_T